The Broker-First Platform

An end-to-end solution that allows brokers to focus on what’s important - improving client experience, upselling accounts, and developing new business.


A great broker cares about their client above all, and wants to solve their needs while delivering a fantastic experience. The problems begin with the technology used for insurance. No matter how client-focused a broker may be, the process is disorganized and overwhelming. Forms are scattered across various file formats, clients are continuously confused by insurance jargon, and the same information is sometimes entered up to FIVE TIMES into a single application.


TowerIQ solves these problems with a simplified platform that centralizes documents, eliminates redundancies, and most importantly helps brokers deliver a great client experience.


Communication methods vary between brokers, clients, and carriers, meaning that as more information is transmitted, it becomes harder to keep organized. Exposure information is passed on through multiple platforms, and brokers must re-enter this information many times across their systems. As a result, there is a high risk of E&O losses because of lost information or human error.


Insights are impossible to generate when the required data is siloed in multiple locations or across multiple platforms. Brokers are overworked as it is, and when they lose days or weeks selecting markets based on outdated or inaccurate appetite data, it can be frustrating and costly.

Accurate appetite information would benefit everyone, but since compliance requires so much data entry already, there is no incentive for anyone to log accurate information. As a result, organizations are unable to create accurate forecasts and have limited abilities to check on deal progress and stage.


TowerIQ introduces real-time insights that scale from individuals, teams, divisions, or entire companies. These insights create the ability to monitor trends in book of business by industry, l.o.b, and size, and the power to forecast new business or renewal premiums with far greater accuracy.


TowerIQ provides accurate, real-time appetite information that requires no additional data entry. Our centralized information gives brokers the ability to submit exposure data to the right markets, with the confidence that placement information is accurate and complete.

One solution. Endless value.

See what the next generation broker-first platform can do for you.

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